A bag for the desert and another for your cabin

Desert Life Tote


IMG_2595Because life in the desert is raw and beautiful. Reds the shade of rust, browns like taupe and sand. The animals savor their water a little deeper than those of us who habitate the forests and the highlands. Creatures that come out in the night, when the sun has shifted behind the red mesas and the tall saguaro cactus.

The coyotes and the foxes burrow into their holes. The owls hunt ground creatures such as mice and small rodents. The antelope glean the sage. The stars shine for miles on end.

We experience the desert in a different way. We pack our bags with sunscreen and water. We head for the rimrock with our hiking shoes and our safari colored clothes. Our eyes squint at the glory of the sun. We bathe in the rivers and creeks. We watch the eagles and hawks soar overhead. We live to love this place. This place of stark and raw beauty. The desert life.

Little Cabin In The Woods Purse

IMG_2581IMG_2577IMG_2576A purse to accompany you into the woods. This beautiful bag is made to load with goodies and treasures to keep you company at your little cabin. I load mine with books, a journal a few pencils, my camera and rocks, feathers, nests and treasures I find on my path through the woods.

I sling it over my shoulder after it is filled with my fishing tackle. I grab a packed lunch of freshly baked sourdough bread, salami from our fall harvested pig and some pickled beets I canned in the heart of summer. I kiss my husband goodbye, grab my fly rod and set down the boot hardened trail to the river. The peace I receive from being on the river is unrivaled. A simple stir in the water sends my heart into a flutter. The river feeds the fish, the fish feed the eagles and the river feeds you and me.

We are all connected in this crazy and wild world. I wash my spirit clean when I visit the little cabin in the woods. I will one day build my own cabin in the woods, but for now I daydream.

This purse is an amalgamation of you and me. Honoring the remains and celebrating life. It is about being out on the land. About nourishing your soul and spirit.

Just put them up in the shop!


4 thoughts on “A bag for the desert and another for your cabin

  1. these are so beautiful, hannah! that cabin bag looks so soft and supple and i bet it smells incredible. you are so talented!! xxx

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