Land and Water


Desert and Earth

Because the desert is a hidden beauty. Subtle yet bold. Colorful yet not. Sand, sage, loam, cactus, jack-rabbit, coyote, owl and human.

This clutch is the beauty within the desert. Its’ blue zipper is the life that feeds the existence. Its’ colors are of the sunrise on one side and of the sunset on the other. It is ready to keep your stories deep inside. Store them where you can retrieve them later.


Creek and Mesa

Water and earth. Aquatic and terrestrial. One cannot exist without the other. Fluidly and seamlessly, separate but one.

Red and brown like a mesa. Turquoise and cobalt like a creek.


A little tribute to the place where these materials come from. 

The land and the water.



4 thoughts on “Land and Water

  1. ‘Red and brown like a mesa. Turquoise and cobalt like a creek.” These colors live in my very soul. The soil of the mesa I lived under for six years (I named a cat Mesa); the sky I named another cat after because her eyes are the colors you speak of. These colors together (this reddish brown and turquoise) are created especially for us westerners I think. beautiful work, Hannah.

  2. K, I think so too. These are truly the colors of Western women and men. I thought of you as I was making them. You are lucky to live in a place where you see these reds co-exist with the blues and purples. The desert is such a unique place! Thank you sweet woman. XX

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