Head West

These earrings are for heading West.

To honor the grit within the people and the wide open spaces. The land fed by rivers as wide as seas, lakes as blue and clear as granite crystals and the sky after an afternoon rain.

For people who work from dawn til dusk.
For riding in trucks.
For riding your palomino paint bareback.
For watching the rodeo with your girlfriends.

These earrings are for doing all the things you do out West. The place habitated by people who are one with the land. A deep understanding of what it means to live in a wild place. The place where meeting a moose is just as likely as seeing another person. The place where the owl hoo’s and the coyote yips lull you to sleep. The place where you see the stars for miles on end.

Head West.


Turquoise Dreams


Ray of Sunshine


From Bud to Blossom

Simple. Light. Elegant.


I found this last night and cannot stop listening to her. Beautiful.  Actually I just can’t stop listening to female vocalists in general: Lemolo, First Aid Kit, Gillian Welch, Neko Case…I am just in love every time…over and over again.  Put on these earrings, grab your partner, do the dose-do, and fall in love all over again.  

I just got a shipment of tea from these guys, their tea and their company’s mission statement is outstanding.  Give them a try!   

Tally-ho cowgirls!!




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