A Little Give-Away In Honor of You

I made these to honor you.  To honor the support and encouragement and kind words you all have given me.  A journey does not have clear or direct roads.  It is more like a series of mountain passes from Mexico to Canada.  A lot of up, some flat and unimaginably hot, a little canted to the side and a lot of sunrises and sunsets.  New beginnings and fresh starts.  Waxing and waning.  Full moons, harvest moons, crescent moons and sometimes no moon.






I made these earrings to embody this journey.  To me, they look like a full moon and a crescent moon, ebbing and flowing, an eclipse of sorts.  Life is all about the journey, I do not know what my final destination will be, but for now I am finding my way down this path paved with earth.

I listen to the birds and the animals.  I sleep longer in the Winter, and less in the Summer.  I work hard and play often.  I go to high places to clear my head.  I drink water straight from the source.  I spool my light into the world, and I receive yours back.  Thank you for being you, and thank you for accepting me.

**I have two pairs of these earrings made to give-away.  All you have to do is leave a quick note in the comment section.  I will close the giveaway in three days.  After the comment section is closed I will use a random number generator to pick a winner.  I hope it is you!!**

With love and light,









26 thoughts on “A Little Give-Away In Honor of You

  1. These are beautiful as are all of your new earrings! Your craftswomanship is shining! I saw your tidbit about loving female vocalists. You named four of my favorites! Have you heard Zoe Muth? Seattle based country singer. She’s one of my favorites, and since we clearly like the same tunes, I thought you’d resonate with her.

  2. Hannah,

    You surley blessed with a talent, Emt, Artist, Fire fighter, cowgril, wife, friend, and assumeing by your posts maybe a fantastic writter. You are makeing some beautiful things my dear and love the stories behind them it always keeps me watieng for your next piece of work. Keep up the good work and love what your doing here, think if it isnt already a hit its going to be soon! hope to see you soon down at the Market you and Patrick should come in for lunch.

    • Jess, Thank you!!! You are also quite a talented woman…people are still talking about your pulled pork and salmon 🙂 We will be sure to stop in for lunch as soon as we return to the Methow this Spring. I am a sucker for your fresh spring rolls and forbidden rice!! XX

  3. My ears aren’t qualified for this give away =) but I still wanted to say that think these earrings are very pretty!
    I miss seeing the moon and the stars so bright in the sky. The last time was in Winthrop! Can’t wait to come check out your view in Bliss, Idaho =)

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