Just a splash of color on a grey winter day




Truth be told, I was maybe…possibly a little grumpy yesterday.  Really, for no good reason.  It was just kind of a grey, blah day.  Nothing was coming easy, everything was taking longer than it should have and all I wanted to do was take a nice hot bath. 

But, this morning I woke up ZINGY!  Just rearing to go.  Energetic.  Jubilant. Exuberant.  I dressed in brightly colored clothes.  Green pants with an orange top.  I knew I needed to make some items with some ZANG in them!  So, here you have it.  This is what happens when I have a latte at 4pm and no one is home to tell me otherwise!  The pouches along with a few other new goodies are available over in the shop.

My recommendation for those grey winter days is this:

1.  Wake up and immediately put on very brightly colored clothes.

2. Drink a large glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon first thing.

3. Do something very fun and silly first thing in the morning…doesn’t have to take long, but try and laugh…out loud… a lot!

4. Eat regularly and healthily 🙂

5. Call a good friend just to say hi 🙂

OK lovelies, time for me to try and get some rest, so I can wake up just as ZANY tomorrow morning!


4 thoughts on “Just a splash of color on a grey winter day

    • K, thank you!! It is a really special tattoo to me. I got it in memory of my father. Oak trees are so magnificent! Patrick got me that new colorful espresso maker after he broke my last one…I’m in love with this one! XX

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