A little extra warmth for these cold Winter days




Mountain, Moon & Wild Buffalo Scarf

A scarf to warm your body and drape you with art of the Wild West.

This scarf is made from materials of the earth: wool, elk and deer-hide leather, antler and suede. I salvaged this beautiful Pendleton wool fabric with a very Native-American motif. A wild Buffalo, a Tee-pee and a splash of red and blue. A pattern that repeats and complements.

I hand cut and sewed a full moon rising out of the mountains. A scene to represent new beginnings, fresh days. Days filled with wonder and adventure. Days spent on the land, exploring and connecting.

As you wrap yourself with this scarf in the morning remember your values and morals. What are we without our dreams or beliefs? A reminder to dream and to live. To laugh and to love. To take care of this one wild and precious life.


Wild Buffalo Cowl

A cowl to warm your body and drape you with art of the Wild West.  I hand picked this piece of elk-hide leather because to me it looked like a mountain organically growing from the soil.  The Buffalo is a beautiful and wild animal.  An animal that was central to the Native American culture.  The Buffalo is a vision of the West.  One we need to remember to preserve and maintain.  Keep the West wild.



Pendleton Wool Infinity Scarf

A whole lot of beautiful wooly scarf! This is a double wrap infinity scarf, made out of gorgeous salvaged Pendleton wool. Shades of blue, green and white. Colors of the sky and the water. From mountain top to canyon bottom. A scarf to travel with you on your journeys. A scarf to wear in the mornings, in the evenings and during the day.

I like to dress mine up with skittle colored outfits. Mine comes with me hiking in the hills. It accompanies me as I sketch by the river. It warms my core as I sew on my machines.

Wooly. Green. Blue. Beautiful.

Colors as pure as a waterfall at it’s source. Colors of the forest and the sky.


A dear friend gave me this book to read over Christmas.  It is so poignantly handsome and of the West.  Please read it if you are looking to be reminded of what it is to love the land and truly experience your space.  Patrick and I watched this movie recently and we loved it.  If you are a crier, fair warning, you will cry.  The story is so human and the scenery is truly lovely.  I also cannot stop listening to the soundtrack…love it!

Ok wild beauties, put in an extra word to Mother Nature and ask her for some warmer temps for us.  Our pipes have been frozen for the past 5 days, and I am ready to have running water again!  Just a little warmer…not too much to ask, right?!




4 thoughts on “A little extra warmth for these cold Winter days

  1. so glad you’re loving the book! it’s a beauty. i will have to look up that movie. sending you warm thoughts for warm pipes! 🙂 xx

    • Beth, I LOVE it!! If I wasn’t so tired every night, I would have read it 3 times already! I really recommend the movie. Alyssa, was actually the one that told me about it. I can’t wait for you to get your package…should be there tomorrow!! And, thank you for sending me warm thoughts…it sure would be nice to have running water again!

  2. just put that book on hold at the library! can’t wait to get into it. seems, also, I am so tired every evening I don’t know when I will read these days. Every sunny second I need to be out running the woods and canyons or in the studio working on treasures (or driving daughter to and fro.) your work with wool and elk hide is so very inspiring. big love your way ♡

    • Kerry, I hope you love the book as much as I am. The days go by so fast, don’t they?! I can’t believe it sometimes. Thank you for appreciating my work. It has been really fun to open up and create…I can’t wait to see what today brings! Hope you get some time for yourself today. XX

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