Oh you know..a little of this and a little of that!

We’ve been busy over here in our little neck of the woods.  The days seem to fill up so fast.  A good sort of full though…not busy or crazy or hectic…just a steady stream of life.  Like a waterfall in the Fall, before it freezes in the Winter, after the Summer drought, but replenished by the seasonal Fall rains.  Blue and pure and crazy refreshing. 

I am learning so much about being a small business owner.  It still seems like such a dream to even say that.  I OWN MY OWN BUSINESS!!  I actually just ran out the side door and yodeled that for everyone to hear.  Actually, no one probably heard me! 🙂  We have such a blissful little spot here, right on the river.  I am learning as I go and am so grateful to have kind and generous friends and family that offer advice and support out of the love in their hearts.  I feel unbelievably blessed and lucky to be living the life I want to.


Here are a few new things that I just put in the shop today, I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!


Cowgirl Clutch in Ruby Red



Enchanted Forest fold-over clutch in Pendleton wool and Latigo leather

Do you believe in Fairy Tales? Do you believe in the magic that exists in the forest?

Let this clutch remind you to become enchanted by the magical world of the forests again.

The trees speak if you will listen. They hold wisdom deep inside their skin, contained in concentric rings, each a little wiser than the next. They hold the stories of the wind, the rain, the snow, the birds chirping, the friends picnicking and the lovers kissing. They never speak, always listening.

The forest is wise and constant.
Steadfast and strong.
Honest and humble.

They hide their true beauty underground. A vast and intricate network of roots used for communicating and nourishment.

This clutch has an enchanted forest that grows out of the leather base. One side is a beautiful mountain sunrise while the other is a great blue sky. A little yin for the others yang.


Spice of the Earth: leather cuff

Because everyone needs a little extra spice in their day.

Oh you know… it’s like adding a little Sriracha to your curry fried rice. Something to remind you to slip your cowboy boots on, climb up that hill and watch the sunrise. Be out on the land. Warm up your body with the colors of the Red Mountains in Wyoming. Take pictures of the transcendent sunset on the Snake River over the rimrock. Fly fish at that alpine lake on your day off. Ride your bike into town to meet your girlfriend for coffee. Let your pony-tail out. Take your horse for a bareback ride. Don’t wash your jeans afterwards and grab a beer at the bar. Put on your red lipstick and sit in your deck to experience the evening.

Be spicy. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be you.

Wake early. Stay up late. Live the day.


More to come, but it is time for me to get a little bit of outside time with my dogs and my husband.  To experience my space.  To get my creative juices excited like heated up molecules…each one different than the next!




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