In honor of my husband

Meet my husband, a real life Renaissance Man. A Smokejumper by career, an artist by trade, a husband to me and a true friend to many.  This man can draw like you would not believe, he hunts with such ease and grace, he cooks up a mean Duck Gumbo, makes me work benches, antler wedding arches, rustic wood bars, he cleans my car, buys me tea, skis, runs, jogs, climbs, hikes and watches the stars with me…HE DOES IT ALL!!!!! And he is extremely modest, he would not let me post this, if he was here.  I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0339You will see a little bit of Patrick from time-to-time in the shop, so I wanted to take a minute to give this man the credit he deserves! Patrick is a man of the wild and I hope you enjoy his work like I do.

Patrick drew the design for this belt as a gift to me to commemorate the opening of Blue Mountain Thyme.  A dream I have had for a very long time.  A dream he has watched grow from a seed planted deep within my soul.  A dream he has watered and nourished with his sun-shining nature.


This belt is to honor a new chapter in life. For making a dream into reality. For believing in imagination and creativity. This belt is a joint collaboration between my husband and I. He is so talented and supportive and loving AND incredibly artistic.  For your belt, I will use my husbands design to carve and tool your belt according to any customizations you might have.  Visit the shop if you would like more details on the belt.

As always, we are both so grateful for your love and support.  Thank you for stopping by here.

Be well, wild beauties!!



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