The shop is open & The Cowgirl Clutch

Oh goodness…talk about putting yourself out there…but also following your dreams.  I am so wonderfully and nervously excited about announcing the opening of my new Etsy Shop.  This is truly me.  I guess a manifestation of what is always swimming and dancing around in my cranium.  Putting pen to paper.  Letting your creative imagination produce tangible items.  Making those items available for others to enjoy.  Oh, and how I hope you do!!!  I just made this little beauty today.  This piece comes from a very special place inside me.  The part that is oh-so-feminine, but also incredibly strong and brave.  A part of me I get to know a little more every day.

I am so ecstatic to be here.  I hope our journey continues for quite some time.




Go ahead, you know you want to…throw your head back and let out that yee-haw!!!!

This is for all the women out there that have some Cowgirl in them.

Because Cowgirl’s put the Sass-in-frass! Because we know how to party and be a lady.

This clutch is elegant and country. It is farm-chic in spirit and elegant-rustic in nature. It is beautiful and it needs a strong and gorgeous woman, like you, to carry it around kicking your heels and riding your Quarter horse bareback.

There is something un-sung between you and your horse.
A power you feel between your legs and deep inside your spirit.
You feel free and alive.
You are one with the wild and giant creature of nature.
Your essence sings with unbelievable power and voice.
It needs to ride the wind like a traveling seed-pod.
To put down turquoise blue and mud hardened boots.
To feel the earth beneath, to stand and be one.
This is the power and strength within you, unleash it.

Go ahead, let that Cowgirl out…you know you want to!!

Ask your husband out for beers tonight. Ask that cute boy you saw out on the trail the other day to go and grab a coffee. This clutch holds the power of you in it. Let it be a reminder of your brave self, you beauty!


Photo taken by Patrick Button


Photo taken by Patrick Button

This is more than just a clutch.  Just like you are more than just a woman or man.  We are more than just sisters.  You are more than just my horse.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Yee-haw and tally-ho Cowgirls and Gents’!!


4 thoughts on “The shop is open & The Cowgirl Clutch

  1. Okay, beautiful woman. I just added you to my blog reader. I love waking up to/meeting a new sister. You remind me very much of another amazing artist I know in your neck of the woods. Actually, you remind me of ME; but also Jillian L. (Noisy Plume)…it appears you could be twins. Soul twins anyway. Love your work, can’t wait to read more and get to know you. Need more blissful wild wanderers on this earth.

    • Your kind words have just made my heart and soul sing!! I also love meeting new sisters and loved looking into your spirit when I found your work…truly beautiful! It just so happens that Jillian is a very dear friend of mine and I take that as an ultimate compliment…thank you! I hope our paths keep crossing, but in the meantime, remain wild! Spooling you some wild Idaho love and light! XX

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