Each.one.is unique

Because, sometimes nature knows you need a gift.  

I found these feathers while I was out running the Rimrock above the Snake River today.  I identified them with my new book my Mother-in-law gave me for Christmas, as an American Kestrel.  One of my many favorite things about living in our little straw-bale home on the river, is the amount of birds of prey I get to view from my windows.  What truly majestic creatures.  They hunt with such ease.  They fly with immense grace.  They screech and hoo and call out as if no-one will ever hear them.  I am enchated by their beauty and power and strength.  Each.one.is unique.







Because each one of you are unique and beautiful just like these feathers.  Remember to gracefully screech every once in awhile.  It feels so good!


XX beauties.



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