A Deliberate Life

Do you sometimes know you have a lot to say, but just wonder how to say it?  Do you imagine yourself doing something other than what you are presently doing, but just not know how to switch gears or change directions.  Do you believe in dreams and purity and the essence of life?


I do.  This life is mine to lead. That is the beauty of being…well being you. Patrick and I moved to Idaho this winter for a change, to switch directions and remind ourselves of our dreams and our visions. A change of scenery and a life in Bliss (not only a town, but also a state of mind) has reminded me of why I strive to lead a life of simplicity.  A life lived from the earth.  A life rooted in soil and nourished by waters from the great blue skies.  A life that is given meaning by the love shared and freely given to all.  I am leading a deliberate life.  And, I am excited to share it with all of you.


Enjoy this movie, like I did.  Let it remind you of yourself and your dreams.  Spread your wings and soar like the Hawks and Falcons of the earth.  Unfurl your plume.  Inhale the air our great green trees purify.  Exhale your love to share with all.  Live the life you have always wanted to.

A Deliberate Life

Be well beauties.



4 thoughts on “A Deliberate Life

  1. Thanks for this. I feel like I have a lot of hard decisions to make lately, and it’s nice to take courage wherever I can find it.
    Hope you are well.

    • Brandi, I’m glad that you can relate. It is nice to make the world feel smaller…and more manageable. You know that we will always do whatever we can to help…so never hesitate to ask..even if it is just to post something silly to make you smile! We were so happy to get to spend time with your family over the Holidays. Lots of love. XX

  2. also found that video recently… such beautiful images and true words. thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us, dearie! sending you love from the beautiful, oh-so-grey western valleys…

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