A little garden tragedy


ImageThe sad truth behind these photos is that when I went down to the garden to collect my veggies for canning, I found a scene that brought tears to my eyes.  The deer of the hill had slithered through our fence and mowed ALLLLLLLLL the greens, bit the tops off the tomatoes, had eaten lots of the peppers, cucumbers, and the tops off the beets,  and the turnips and the parsnips and lots of the beans….SUCH A TRAGEDY!!! I spent the morning feeling quite miserable as I raised every one of those plants from seed.  I started them this winter in my little make shift green house, planted them in the soil that I tilled and fertilized and then come time to harvest I found all my hard work had been enjoyed by the pesky mule deer of Mclean Hill Road.  Talk about a full circle farm.  I am only able to talk about this now because I just came back from a 10 mile run, took a shower, put on a very cute skirt and am having my third cup of coffee…PHEW! It feels good to get all that off my chest 🙂

Truth be told this has been a very TRAGIC year on Blue Mountain Thyme Farm.  I’m not sure I even want to tell you about all the losses, plant and animal that we have had this year.  I recently had a friend comment on how un-wild she thinks the Methow is. I on the other hand feel like I live in the middle of a very wild place.  While most of my losses have been caused by domesticated animals, not wild ones, it just reminds me that you really can’t tame the wild out of any creature.  Their instincts are innate and bred deep within their souls.  It is my job as a farmer to protect my animal and plant bounty.

I am LEARNING.  And trust me the hardest lessons are the ones that pierce your soul deep, deep down.  I am so glad I live in a wild place, but this place was not made for easy living.

Tonight I am going to cook up some spaghetti squash with some ground beef and make a little sauce out of yellow pear tomatoes, celery and carrots…all from my little garden.  Thank you garden for giving me what you have, I will do my turn to take care of you.



5 thoughts on “A little garden tragedy

  1. gardens are heart breakers, that’s for sure. at least you stuck with it and still harvested the survivors (is that a melon i spy? awesome!)! i completely failed at my garden this year, so it suffered a slow death from neglect rather than “natural” causes. someday we’ll figure this thing out… xxx

    • There are still a few things here and there, but it is just amazing how much destruction those little deer can do!! At this point I’m glad I am just a hobby farmer! Lots of things to still learn. Missing you lots!! XX

  2. Oh man–sorry! i imagine the deer thought someone had created a smorgasbord just for them! I would rather have the deer eat it instead of those nasty grasshoppers.Your garden wasn’t just hard work it was filled with love and passion! I hope you enjoy your hike. Love you!

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