Finding Space

This is where I come to, to find my space.



I have been thinking a lot about the idea of space lately.  Is it actual area?  Is it calmness in one’s own mind and body? Is it a quiet morning with a good book and a wonderful husband?  Is it a place away from home?  Is it a sanctuary?  Can you create this place, or do you have to seek it out?  For me, it is a combination of many things, but it is something in my life that lately I feel I have not had enough of.  I am glad I found some space this weekend…it was lovely.  I hope you all had beautiful weekends filled with love and good food!

XX to all of you!


5 thoughts on “Finding Space

  1. Firstly this is a really lovely blog Hannah! I am impressed 😉
    This post about finding space and what it means has reminded me of how I was struggling to find myself when I first moved back to Portland last year. Actually, a few days ago when I woke up I felt this calm, like I felt comfortable in my own skin again … and I wasn’t even aware that I wasn’t before. Or maybe it was just because I woke up before 10am and the sun wasn’t already in my face =)
    How do you describe that feeling tho? It’s like trying to define ‘space’ … complicated!
    I think my life is pretty much the exact opposite of yours =)
    Usually I can find my space by laying down and putting on my headphones, drowning out the noises outside and inside my head, to some good music.

  2. space is so important! i remember when i got back from tiny, foggy england, how it felt like my chest could finally expand fully, and i could breathe deeply again. we get spoiled by our wild, big western spaces…

    • Kerry, Mountains are the food for my soul. They are so pure and raw and grand and earthly!! We are lucky women to have them so close. That picture was actually taken just behind my house in Winthrop, Washington. This is the place where my husband is from and where we spend our summers. Your space is also beautiful and we hope to head down that way this Spring. There is nothing quite like the Southwest in the Spring!

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