I grow, I move, I live and I breathe

So many things are changing in my life right now and I am grateful for the transformations taking place. I recently confessed my self diagnosis of Barn Heart, which makes me feel hopeful and slightly melancholy at the same time. *(If you have not read Barn Heart please do, you will love it.) I have spent the last year and a half going back to school and training to try and become a Physical Therapist. It challenged me in many ways and I do not regret it for a minute, but alas it seems that it was not the path meant for me….at least not at the moment. Life does not stop for you, so I am tilling my way down a new path now.

I feel energy being breathed into my body with the change of the seasons and am taking full advantage of the extra boost. I can tell Spring is here. We have had a steady stream of friends and backyard barbeques over the last week. My endless desire for hot coffee has been reduced to one quiet cup in the morning and one iced pick-me-up in the hot afternoon. My calluses are building and hardening on my soft winter hands. My skin has an earthy glow to it from spending sun filled hours among the photosynthesizing green ground dwellers. I feel myself growing tall while running through the wildflower filled hills. I move with grace as I pick the daffodils to place on our dinner table before friends arrive. I am living in the moment and saying thank you to each organism small and large for being a part of my life. I am breathing full and deep so my rich lungs can carry me through my movements of day-to-day doings.

Thank you Spring, I am so elated you arrived!

Starting to till.

Starting to till.

I could not have done this without Patrick. He is my favorite man. I love him.

All tilled up and ready to be planted!!

Don’t forget to let the wild in you grow, you sweet bunch of spring beauty’s!!


4 thoughts on “I grow, I move, I live and I breathe

  1. I feel the same! Our house is being reenergized, the tulips are starting to bloom and I am trying to figure out how to be a mother-in-law!

  2. wow your garden is amazing! can i come work in it sometime?
    also, i totally agree (1) about barn heart, and (2) about spring. it feels long overdue!
    see you this weekend?

    • Yes, please come anytime, I could use your expertise!!! Barn Heart is an interesting condition to live with, isn’t it 😉 ! And, alas change of plans agin I have to return from Portland early and can’t stay for the weekend. Someday soon it will work out!

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