I Have Barn Heart

There’s a condition that inflicts some of us and I can only describe as Barnheart. Barnheart is a sharp, targeted, depression that inflicts certain people (myself being one of them) as harsh and ugly as a steak knife being shoved into an uncooked turkey. It’s not recognized by professionals or psychoanalysts (yet), but it’s only a matter of time before it’s a household diagnose. Hear me out. It goes like this:

Barnheart is that sudden overcast feeling that hits you while at work or in the middle of the grocery store checkout line. It’s unequivocally knowing you want to be a farmer—and for whatever personal circumstances—cannot be one just yet. So there you are, heartsick and confused in the passing lane, wondering why you cannot stop thinking about heritage livestock and electric fences. Do not be afraid. You have what I have. You are not alone. Written By Jenna Woginrich from her blog.Image

You’re probably asking what is one to do about Barn Heart?!  Well, one chooses to raise 5 chicks, two ducklings, one turkey and 100 quail!! I have also undertaken the joyous opportunity to revive an acre tract of land with an adjoining orchard.  My heart feels full.  And soon my belly will too! Can’t wait to share with you the metamorphosis of land to food to table.

I apologize for being gone, but now I am back.



4 thoughts on “I Have Barn Heart

  1. OH GOSH! CHICKIE BICKIES! When the quail begin to hatch you are going to have a heart attack they are so CUTE! Cap is here, we’re making a german pancake for breakfast. See you soon! xx

    • I think my heart will melt down to my shoes when I see those baby quail poke their beaks through!! Tell Cap hi :)! Can’t wait to stand by with a banner as you beep your horn through Winthrop driving your beautiful Airstream!! Xx

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