Glorious days

I have had some glorious days!  Here are two of my favorites!

breakfast! pear cardamon german pancake...deliciosa!!

Recipe is as simple as can be!

Pear Cardamon German Pancakes

*preheat oven to 425*

for 3 people I use

5 eggs

1/4 butter

1 cup milk

1 cup flour

2 pears

1 T Cardamon 1 T brown sugar

heat cast iron skillet over high and melt butter. beat eggs in bowl. add milk. add flour and mix.  once the butter is melted saute the pears until lightly browned and add cardamon. pour batter over pears and place in middle of oven. bake for 25 minutes. ENJOY 🙂 !

mom and waylon. he is actually inside my very tight shirt!!!! 🙂

I love it when my days can go like this…

wake up to a quiet house. drink coffee and look into my snow filled mountains.  make a deliciously nourishing breakfast.  share that breakfast with family and friends. spend a glorious amount of time in the sunshine! do some creative work. make a wonderful and thoughtful dinner.  read my book and go to bed feeling fulfilled and tired in my bones!

I hope each of you end your day feeling glorious!



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