What did you find beauty in today?!

I have been toying with this idea of beauty lately.  It is hard to let go of the ego-tistical connotations of the word, and embrace it for it’s honest simplicity. Beauty is a magnificent thing.  I LOVE beautiful things! Whether that be the feeling sunlight fills my soul with, a smile shared with a stranger, a kiss from your dog, or watching winged creatures soar effortlessly through the sunrise lit sky.  Beauty breathes energy anew into my body and mind.

Here are some snippets I found beautiful this weekend.

watch out! Waylon doesn't have any clue what's coming!

simple days. these are the days I savor

where to now? ripples travel somewhere. but where to now?

lone bird in the sunrise. sometimes i wish i were a bird, so i could soar solo into the sunrise

lone rock in the sunrise. the beauty lies between the lines.


guiding light. listen

I hope each of you find beauty in something that warms your soul.



2 thoughts on “What did you find beauty in today?!

  1. I find beauty HERE!!!!!
    And I find it in Idaho too — I just flew home from Saskatchewan and the view of the Tetons while gliding down into Idaho Falls was SPECTACULAR.


    • I hope to travel to that area someday! Your pictures are so beautiful from your travels home. Idaho is a very beautiful place…you are a lucky lady!!! Welcome back, I am sure Robert and the dogs are glad to have you home! xx

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