You are beautiful & you are marvelous

Yes you! and me! and everyone else!  My sister-in-law-to-be 🙂 and I just returned from a really rejuvenating yoga class at my work place, Winthrop Physical Therapy and Fitness, taught by Kaarin and it was SO great!  My head has been clogged, cloudy and a bit grumpy lately.  I wish that wasn’t so, but yoga was just the medicine that I needed tonight to get my head back on straight and feeling marvelous…and quite beautiful I must say.  There is something so fresh and graceful about the human body.  I secretly love to watch the way people move while working hard. I love the outlines of the muscles firing and contracting, the way people’s faces tell what they are thinking and feeling deep down inside, and the energy that pours off of them. It is the same with my dogs.  I could watch them run and work outside all day long, they are so strong and powerful.

I had a truly lovely visit with my brother, I am so glad he finally got to come and experience the beauty of this place that I live in.  I want to share with all of you a present that he made for Patrick and I.  I want to encourage him to nurture his talent…you will see why… and I wish all of you would send encouragement his way as well!

new table from my brother adorned with a mule deer skull, a badger skull, a birds nest from my rafters with a glass ball I made, and a hand forged candle holder made by my younger brother!!! I am a lucky girl!

I spent some time in the sunshine today, and it was blissful! I hope each of you have some sunshine and yogic experiences in your days to come~*~*~


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