change of weather

My beautiful snow has turned to ice…sigh.  We received over 3 feet of snow in the last week, and last night we were gifted with LOTS of rain.  LOTS of rain on top of LOTS of snow equals some pretty hairy conditions.  I am generally a very positive person, but I have to admit my bummed out feelings about rain in the wintertime.  But, we made the most of the day, and went skiing anyway!  My brother is here visiting, and I wanted to share with him the magic of our valley, so we braved Mother Nature’s elements and journeyed up to Washington Pass and took Ryley for a putzin’ around ski!  We had fun being silly and it was good to be outside for awhile!  After our delightful ski we went to my favorite post recreation stop The Mazama Store! If you are ever out my way, you have to stop….seriously…promise me…you will not regret it!!! I did not take any pictures of our ski, due to me being scatter brained and forgetting my camera, but here are some super cute pictures of the puppy dogs to tide you over!

there is a bond that runs deeper than words can quantify


this little one is going to be a handful!

Goodnight and wishing you each a day filled with smiles and laughter!


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