The days go by fast

My days have been full, I tell ya! I don’t know how to make them slow down, but I’m not sure I would like that if I could.  My days have been filled with an energy so immense that I can feel it pulsing through my veins.  I love my new puppy dog, but boy let me just say WOA…this pup has a lot of energy! He is still deciding his feelings for the snow.  I believe he says things in his head such as, “mama my tootsies are frost nipped, can we please go back in the house so I can play tug with your pretty skirt”!! 🙂

Here are some pictures capturing the hours of my day.

he plays with his sister!!


he cuddles with his sister and papa


his parents go skiing!


his mom loses herself in the day filled with pure white mountains and golden sunlight


he recovers from his days adventures and gets ready for what comes next

Even though my day went by too fast, I am left with a wholesome feeling.  A feeling that my day was filled with positive energy, silly dogs, pure white snow, golden sunlight, delicious food, good friends, family and now sleep.  I hope you all had a wholesome day, and I hope tomorrow presents itself with adventures and love!

Goodnight friends~*~*


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