Snow storm-ania!!!

It snowed all day today!!!! We got between 18-24 inches here. That is a Goliath amount of snow…for this winter anyway.  I took Ryley out for a ski this morning and she had SO much fun.  I kept trying to capture her signature move, but to no avail each time she lunged for me, or my hands threatened to turn frosty,  I would lose the photo-op!  (her signature move is to do a pogo-stick maneuver, where she jumps straight up into the air and her ears flop wildly and her eyes go googly…it is honestly one of the silliest and most hilarious things you will ever see!) Anyway, here are a few pictures of my fabulous day!


Goodnight friends, I hope the snow keeps up so we can all have some more winter magic!!!


4 thoughts on “Snow storm-ania!!!

  1. Wish we could have stayed over there! I didn’t have school all week! Stuck over here in snow, rain, ice, yuck! Love your blog! Where is the photo of the new pup?

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