Snowflakes and glass vases!

It is snowing here…I love the snow.  I spent my first few years in Colorado, and it must have changed my cellular make-up because boy do I crave snow and sunshine!  But, really I crave the seasons…I am a seasons girls. But for right now I am loving the snow. It is soft and peaceful. I skied out to blow some more glass with Laura this morning and it was snowing hard.  The rumor is that we are supposed to get up to two feet of snow over the week…I would love that! I promised someone special I would post pictures of some of the small glass pieces I have been working on for the wedding.  I have been really into making terrariums lately (pictures to come!), and am hoping to make miniature terrariums or use air plants in these small bowl vases, and am also blowing small blue and green vases to fill with lovely flowers! This is the kind of stuff I love doing for the wedding…I like most all of it truthfully.  I mean, how exciting is it that you get to have a huge party thrown in honor of your love and affection for another person, and celebrate with all your closest friends and family!!!!! But, to be totally honest, some parts of it I don’t like…but you don’t need to know about those :)!  So here they are!

terrarium bowls and blue vases!

The day is not over for me, but I had a spare moment to share. I hope you also get some of this white magic!!!


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