Capturing the days

I had a lovely day today! I woke up this morning and did not rush!! It is so nice to not rush. I always rush around, walk fast, scurry from one place to the next, squeeze appointments in…and at the end of the day I usually cannot recall most of my day.  That doesn’t seem healthy.  I am trying to be more mindful with my daily movements.  I really like this word mindful lately.  It not only melodically rolls off the tongue, but it truly means something.  It stems from Buddhism, and I am by no means an expert on Buddhism or the word, but from what I have gathered it is a choice that you can make to apply to your lifetstyle…and I quite like it! After my mindful morning I went to a vinyasa flow yoga class taught over at our Studio in Twisp…I have to brag for a second…I know I keep saying this, but this place I live in is magical and unique, I mean we have an entire Studio devoted to movement for the body and mind…and that’s not even the only one!  After my yoga class which left me feeling strong and limber, I went for a blissful ski with my future mother in-law.  I am kicking myself in the pants because I did not bring my camera, but we saw such things as: moose tracks, snowshoe hare tracks, hoar-frost so thick you could make a snow cone with it!, tamarack trees draped with frosted snowflakes and wrapped in brilliant gold sunshine, smiling puppies and laughing women!! After our delightful ski, we then ventured on to lunch at the AMAZING Glover Street Market.  I indulged in some locally roasted Blue Star Coffee and the noodle bowl with beef.  Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen I was famished and that miso soup and hot coffee filled my body with some pretty wholesome warmth!!! I brought some locally made bread by Rocking Horse Bakery, from one of our favorite farms, Blue Bird Grain Farms and some house made dolmades home and we made ourselves a delightful little dinner!

the colors of nature abound in our nourishment

I am off to bed now, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the past few days.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope each of you have a mindful day!! xx

there is something pure about being around snow and cloaked in the color blue...

morning frost with golden sunrise

the river pulses through our valley's veins

I don't know if I find anything more beautiful than an old run down barn, they tell stories so loud that I sometimes have to turn the other way

Alyssa- bird nestled in a very old and large ponderosa pine of my favorite trees...rustic red, big and burly!!!

laid to rest for the winter

sunshine walks in the mountains

I wish I had time to make this in morning and sip coffee for an hour while mindfully peering into our snow draped mountains, but alas I am off to get strong and blow some more glass tomorrow!!! I live a good life!


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