Wedding crafts and sunshine walks

I am getting married soon.  The date is fast approaching and I am both excited and anxious about it.  The most exciting part is that we are really trying to have a “home-grown” wedding.  We are getting married here in the Methow Valley at Patrick’s parents house. Here is a picture, now maybe you can see what a magical place we live in.

this place I live in fills my soul with such immense happiness, I hope you find it as lovely as I do!

It is really important to Patrick and I to give back to the community just as much as they have given us.  We are so grateful that we have such incredibly rich soils to grow our food, talented craftsmen to make our gifts and truly supportive friends and family to enrich our lives.  I am lucky enough to have access to an amazing hot glass studio where I am being trained by Laura Aspenwall of Ouzel Glass.  I have been busy making small glass bowls, garden orbs and colored vases for our wedding.  It has been so much fun and I am so grateful to Laura and my other gaffer’s for their instruction and guidance.  Here are some photos of our open house yesterday.

We have decided to do a lot of custom leather work for our wedding gifts and are using an extremely talented local craftsman named Bob Boyce.  We went to his shop today and I was just enamored with everything!!!

set to rest after a good day on the ranch

some things are built to last

antique blue, cold steel, intriquite parts and big rough cowboy hands working on my dainty vintage stamped flower belts!

barn red with rugged and warped old stairs, it was a wholesome feeling

Ok lovelies, I need to go get my sunshine, it’s the most amazing feeling to be wrapped in Methow gold light! Here is where I am going to romp with my friend and my puppy!

the snow. the fields. it's a purity that cannot be replicated.

I hope you are having as lovely a Sunday as I am!!


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