Hello world!

Let’s start an adventure together…I am so excited to start blogging, I think it will be a good outlet for me and a fun way to share myself with you.  I guess I should start off by introducing myself.

-My name is Hannah and I love the mountains, anything blue and growing things that live in the ground!

-I am engaged to a wonderful man named Patrick.

-I have a beautiful dog named Ryley, and another one on the way named Waylon Schnitzel (pictures to follow!)

-I love to cook beautiful and tasty food, drink red wine, drink locally roasted coffee, eat dark chocolate and watch silly TV shows on Netflix…and some educational ones too 🙂

-I am an excessive exclamation mark user…sorry!!

-I love to create 3-D art!! I am an aspiring glass blower, potter, jewelery maker, sewer, painter and cook!

-Oh yes and I LOVE house plants!!…our house looks like a jungle 😉

I can’t wait to share more, but here’s to a fabulous 2012!!

Ok, now I would love to introduce myself and my lovely family to all of your loving hearts!

ImageMeet Patrick Button, he is a smokejumper…and a smoking hot one at that!! He has a heart of gold, and arms bigger than Zeus’s!!…I nicknamed his arms carnes castillos (meat castles) when I first met him:) And I just love him!!!


Meet Hannah and Ryley! This is my home, I love the mountains, they make me...me! Ryley also loves the mountains, she is a mountain mama! You should see how muscular she is, I bet she could outrun a mountain goat!


Meet Waylon Schnitzel…he is the newest addition to our family…and he is just about the cutest little guy ever!!!

Have a wonderful day!! XX


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